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Our Services

Performance, Arts, Technology, Design Incorporated

Facility Planning

  • program and fiscal planning for new construction and renovation
  • spatial requirements and planning
  • provision of facility structural and safety requirements, sound isolation criteria and noise abatement requirements for architecture

Facility Design and Consulting

  • architectural lighting and control systems
  • seating and sightline analysis
  • detailed spatial design and planning
  • special flooring systems for dance and drama
  • special classrooms and rehearsal rooms for music, drama, and dance

Theatre Equipment Design

  • design and specification of all stage related equipment, including: lighting and stage projection equipment, sound and communication equipment, stage rigging equipment, stage lifts, orchestra lifts and freight lifts, control booths, shops and storage facilities
  • retractable seating and staging systems
  • outdoor stages and truss roofs, portable and fixed

Conference Facility Equipment Design

  • computer controlled multi-media and video projection equipment
  • simultaneous translation equipment
  • delegate conference systems
  • digital audio/video protection systems

Project History




Company Philosophy

PAT Design Consultant Incorporated

The strength and foundation of PAT Design is our extensive experience and continuing activity in the performing arts. Our design and decision making processes are based solidly on years of design and technical production and its related problem solving. Although we are first and foremost artists and designers, we are also experts in theatrical applications of engineering and technology. Collectively we hold degrees in Theatre, Stage Design, Technical Design, Stage Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Acoustical Engineering, Communication, Music, Sound Recording Technology, and Economics.

For our Asian clients, our multi-cultural composition gives PAT a unique perspective among consulting companies: we understand intuitively many Asian cultural and performance traditions, architectural methods, and construction standards while providing the latest technology available in the west. We are multi-lingual and are able to provide consulting, design, and construction documents in both the English and Chinese languages.

Method and Philosophy

We believe the best collaboration is derived through direct lines of communication between consultants, architects, owners, and users. Experience has taught us that good communication and a spirit of cooperation are essential ingredients for a smooth design process and a successful outcome. During the design phase we seek conferences and face-to-face interaction with all parties involved. We find that a basis of direct interaction helps to sustain cooperation and understanding through the later stages of the project.

We are good problem solvers who understand that the best design solution requires evaluation of all the inputs and variables. We are good listeners who understand that you know best your functional requirements and operational constraints. Years of experience as end users have made us acutely aware of the importance of details. We pride ourselves on providing efficient, user friendly designs and we work hard to get the smallest details right. While our designs are guided by our industry wide perspective, we make every effort to provide you the client with the custom design which best satisfies your needs.

Consulting and Design Services

Past projects have included theatres, concert halls, television and recording studios, arts education and training facilities, production facilities, churches, conference facilities, a baseball stadium, and other places of public assembly. We assist architects and owners with program planning, spatial planning, and project estimation. We provide equipment design drawings and specifications, budgeting and tendering support, shop drawings and/or shop drawing review, site supervision when required, final acceptance testing, and training in maintenance and operation.

Equipment systems designed

Lighting and projection equipment:

  • Stage and television production lighting systems
  • Architectural lighting systems for churches, classrooms and conference facilities
  • Large format scenic projection and video projection systems for computer graphics, HD video and graphic presentations.

Sound systems:

  • Public address and sound reinforcement (live mixing) systems
  • Sound recording and playback systems
  • Surround sound and THX Cinema systems
  • Simultaneous translation systems
  • Assisted listening systems

Stage, studio, and shop equipment:

  • Stage rigging equipment: counterweight, motorized, computerized, and PLC programmable, chain motors, bull winches
  • Gridiron structures, catwalks, wire grids
  • Television studio equipment: tracks, self-climbers, motorized cycloramas
  • Stage lifts, orchestra lifts, and freight elevators
  • Stage floors, trapped stage floors, sprung floor systems for dance
  • Scenery, props, and costume shops and storage areas

Seating systems and portable stages:

  • Fixed seating systems; sightline analysis and aisle lighting
  • Motorized, retractable seating systems
  • Portable seating platforms and chair systems
  • Aluminum truss rigging, portable roofs, and lighting support systems

Control booths and communication equipment:

  • Control booths for sound, lights, projections, translation, and stage management
  • Stage monitor, stage intercom, CCTV for lobbies and ancillary spaces
  • Programmable conference delegate systems; ISO translation systems

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